Welcome to Flavour Town

Enjoy the heat, the flavour, the journey.

No.1 | Hickory Smoked Honey Chipotle

Smokey & lightly sweet.

No.2 | Jalapeno and Pineapple

Zesty & bright.

No.3 | Sweet and Spicy Sriracha

Sweet & vinegary.

No.4 | Habanero and Mango

Bold & fruity

No.5 | Szechuan and Bhut Jolokia

Umami & unique

No.6 | Carolina Reaper and Capsicum

Garlic & aggression

Limited Releases

Seasonally released and only produced once a year in small batches.

Cranberry & Habanero

Rich & Jammy.

Jalapeno & Dill Pickle

Tangy & Dill-ightful.

Hot Sauce Packs & Gifts

Perfect for Christmas, Father’s Day, Birthdays or just for yourself!

The Warm Pack

3 mild sauces, full of flavour.

The Hot Pack

3 hot sauces, for the adventurer.

Dexter’s Collection

Experience the journey.

Dry Spice

Rubs, Salts & Seasonings

Garlic & Herb Salt

Perfect for Roast Veggies.

Smokey Texas Rub

Steak, Brisket, Chicken. 

Spicy Dukkah Mix

Try with bread & oil

Spicy Chicken Salt

Perfect on chips

Sweet Kansas Rub

Sweet & sticky

Extra Hot BBQ Rub

Just a dash of pain

Lemon Pepper Rub

For the flavour lover


Beef Jerky

In collaboration with Killa Jerky Co.

No.3 Beef Jerky

Medium Sweet

No.6 Beef Jerky